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Jackie Jamieson
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Jackie Jamieson
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3rd floor, Vernon Mill, Stockport.

...A true Yorkshire girl...born in Leeds, studied in York and Sheffield. A teacher of Fine Art for over 30 years...and have loved every moment!...whilst keeping my own work 'alive' through private commissions. I have also published 2 series of books encouraging the pre-school child to 'draw and paint.'

My work evolves from my own visual experiences; often developing into a series of images; always combining my love of colour, colour relationships and textures. I work regularly from the human form, always from direct observation, but I also collect photographed images from my many travels, focusing on architectural forms, reflections and moving water, to develop into paintings in the studio at a later date. My work is often large in scale, combining acrylic paints, oil pastels and soft pastels, charcoal and lead sticks with textured papers, fabrics, sand and a variety of mixed media.

Now retired from teaching, I am available for practical drawing and/or painting workshops, which may be either artist, subject matter, media or technique focused.

Image supported lectures, talks, or discussions on both contemporary and historical artists are also available.

Artist's Location: WILMSLOW, CHESHIRE.

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