Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Art..........

How do I enquire about buying Art or Commissioning work?

You can contact the artist directly by e-mail, usually by phone, or by their private message system.
You can also send an e-mail to
Arrangements to view, postage and payment details are between the buyer and the artist.

How does the commission system work?

ArtintheCity takes no commission from the artists.

Paying by Credit/Debit Card

To pay for any work on the site by Credit/Debit Cards, please notify the artist when you you contact them.
You will be notified of how to complete the process.


Showing Art....

How do I join ArtintheCity?

Once you have completed the Registration form, you will be contacted by one of our team.

You will be offered different methods of sending your work.
Once the work is on the site we will ask you to pay..either by credit/debit card or by cheque.

What are the benefits of joining?

You can display up to 16 works plus your own photograph. You have your own log in facility to read private mail and you can change your pictures using your own computer as many times as you wish.
Links to your own site and e-mail are included.
You can use the site as your own personal web site.

ArtintheCity does not take any commission from works sold from the site.We also offer the opportunity for artists to place exhibitions in two Manchester City Centre Locations.

At present the annual fee is £30.00 (January 2008). This is a reduction on 2007 and is support funded by Ztech Business Advertising Ltd.

Browsing Art..........

How can I view the works on the site?

You can find artists by using the directory, the search page or browse the random list on the home page.

The latest members are highlighted in a seperate area.

You can choose to view the artists profile, looking at thumbnail pictures.
These enlarge when you click on them.

You can choose to look at a gallery. All the works of one artist are available when you select "View Full Gallery".

Use the double > button at the top of the first gallery page to view more works from that artist.

Clicking on any picture will enlarge it and show the details of that work.

You can also view the original image to check any colour changes. You can find this at the side of the pictures when you enlarge them.






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