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George Hunter
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George Hunter
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Born 1951 in Ryton, Co.Durham. No artist training. PhD,MSc,BSc(Hons),BA,PCGE,Dip.Eu.Hum. Joint Art exhibitions throughout 2008 - 09 at the Art Works Gallery. Newcastle. North East Art Expo 2008 joint exhibition. May - Jul 2010 Joint Exhibition at New Art Originals Gallery Brick Lane London. Aug 2010 '4 X 6' Postcard Exhibition. Gallery That. Hong Kong. Sept 2010 'Unwrap your mind'
Exhibition. Gallery That. Hong Kong.
My view of any kind of art is that it should leave an impression, whether it is good or bad, it is up to the individual. I mainly paint with acrylics, pastels, watercolours, mixed media, occasionally oils and ink plus sometimes glass paint on sheet glass. I also produce artistic photographs, generally these are abstracts, as are my small sculptural pieces. I am also a musician (another art form). My main artistic influences are Van Gogh, Matisse, the Fauvists such as Derain and Vlaminck, French and Nordic Impressionists namely Monet, Cezanne, Munch and Helmer Osslund, Kai Fjell and Thorvald Erichsen plus Nolde, Klimpt, Kellela,Hokusai and Hundertwasser have also influenced my work.

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Artist's Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, .

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