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Jeff Teasdale

114 Prestbury Road
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Artwork Pieces Displayed: 16
Education Workshop; Year 8 student working on a large ‘abstract’ painting. This may not appear to be representational, but is in fact derived from a small observational drawing of part of a large sculpture that was itself, a ‘real object’ – but not ‘about anything’, other than what it was – a piece of sculpture made from a variety of materials.   ‘Xania Prism’; willow, raffia, and fragments of driftwood from Xania (Chania) in Crete. Part of a series incorporating ‘found objects’ from special places. The objects are themselves ‘worthless’, but also very special in terms of line, shape, texture, tone, colour and form etc (those things that make ‘art’ exciting!). Left where they were, they would have rotted away by now, but now they are in a kind of ‘shrine’.   ‘St David’s Helmet’ at The Art Walk, Manchester International Airport. 
Raku ceramic and fragments of slate collected from Penmaen Dewi (St David’s Head), St David’s, Pembrokeshire. 25cm x 15cm x 10cm   ‘Spiral Vessel’; raku ceramic, glazes and acrylic, and fragments of ‘found’ pot.
The spiral is formed by fragments of old ceramic bits unearthed in my garden, and fired into the vessel. It’s a spiral because of the snails that inhabit our – is it really their? – garden. They were here long before we arrived at this house, and despite our best efforts at ‘exporting’ them by the bucketful to the woodland across the road, will no doubt still be here long after we have gone!   Shutlingsloe Vessel’; raku ceramic, glazes and acrylic, sand and stone (at The Art walk, Manchester Airport). Two-part piece, the shallow ‘saucer’ depicts in glazes and acrylic, a ‘diorama’ of part of the landscape around Shutlingsloe, a peak above Macclesfield Forest, and visible from all parts of Cheshire & beyond.

The vessel on the base contains a piece of grit/sandstone from the summit, and the red sand is from two small exposed patches of sand to be found due east and west of the summit respectively. The sand is also formed into a ‘peak’ within the vessel. One of a current series based on this peak.   Raku ceramic base cast from the ancient trackway running between the mountains of Rhinog Fach and Rhinog Fawr, Snowdonia. 
Group of pebbles collected from one step of the path and re-configured into a ‘snail’ spiral. There are many indigenous snails here and the ‘ammonite’ recalls the immense age of these two mountains. 
28 x 16 cm   ‘Helmet Boulder’; raku ceramic and glazes. A regular theme of mine, basing ceramic pieces around significant boulders, both in my collection, and still in situ in places I revisit.
As with any stone or boulder we pick up on a beach (and why do choose just that one, rather than all the other millions lying around?), these are meant to be handled and experienced for their tactile qualities and qualities of form   Education Workshop; Willow and cane mask, being worked up into a large drawing. Year 10 student.   ‘Middlewood Way Milepost’ one of six on Route 55 on the National Cycle Network between Macclesfield and Marple, commissioned by Macclesfield Borough Council.
Representing a broken fragment of a steam locomotive’s driving wheel from this former railway line. Cast aluminium 11/2m. x 1m.   Jeff working in the Leander Bronze Foundry at Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant on one of the Kendal bronzes   ‘Folded Landscape’; dry-stone wall sculpture at Tegg’s Nose Country Park, Macclesfield, commissioned by Cheshire County Council. Civic Award winner. 200m x 2m. 
100 tons Kerridge gritstone, designed by me and built with Robert Sharpley, drystone waller.   Education workshop (Macclesfield Social Services), ceramic mask  
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