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Artwork Pieces Displayed: 16
40cms X 51cms
Looking down Dye Lane towards 
Holehouse Fold.  
  Image size 40cms x 51cms. 
Framed. Total size 47cms x 58cms   Image size 40cms x 28.5cms.
Framed. Total size 50.5cms x 44.5cms.
  50cm x 40cm
Prints available   The bridge on the river Irwell attained Grade 2 listing in 1988.

Size 40x50.5cms wide.(16x20ins.)
Same size print available on canvas 110.
includes postage&packing   Image size 49cm x 39cm. Framed. 
Total size 58cms x 48cms.     Image size: 49cmx29cm.
Framed. Total size 64cmx47cm. 

  Image size: 60cm X 30cm
Prints available   Image size: 30cm X 40cm
  Image size:41cm X 51cm

Prints available   Image size:40cm X 51cm
  Image size 49cmx39cm. 
Framed. Total size 50cmx48cm.  
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