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Peter Bond

Cuxton, Rochester
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Artwork Pieces Displayed: 16
2at41cmx41cm deep canvas .real brass+patins.iron+rust         60CMX60CM ACRILIC PAINTS deep canvas          40cm x 40cm EACH
Real Liquid Copper and Patina Coating and Acrylic on Canvas   31cm by 102cm on thin canvas.
Real brass and Patina liquid coatings with pewter and bronze, plus acrylic.  In half light, this picture appears to glow.   50cm x 50cm Each
Real Liquid Iron, Rust Coatings with Acrylic on Canvas   61cm x 61cm
Deep frame, acryllic on canvas.   101cm x 101cm
Real Liquid Pewter, Bronze, Brass and Copper+Patinas and Grit on Canvas

Deep Frame 5cm   30cm x 40cm
Real Liquid Copper and Patina Coating with Acrylic paints on Canvas   31cm by 41cm narrow canvas.

This is a unique piece of art having very heavy, real rust and iron, plus copper and Patina, with plastic relief.   2 x 31cm by 41cm canvas.
Real copper and bronze coating plus Patina.  Relief is a plastic filling.   91cm x 61cm
Real Liquid Pewter and Copper.Patina and Acrylic paints on Canvas   101cm x 76cm
Real Liquid Pewter,Copper and Bronze, Brass plus Patinas+ Iron and Rust and Paints on Canvas
Deep Frame 5cm  
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