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Svetlana Filippova

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Artwork Pieces Displayed: 16
70 x 70 cm with 4 chrome metal fittings allowing it to stand off the wall 1   100 x 76 cm on clear glass, with 4 metal   65 cm x 65 cm made out of 2 pieces of bronze glass and broze mirror layered over the main piece, with 4 x metal fittings. When fitted to the wall, 1   5 piece installation 140 x 140 cm in total, with satin silver metal fittings, leaving varied gaps with the wall when fitted to create a strong three dimensional effect   125 x 123 cm on textured silver metal with deep brushed silver frame   60 x 80 cm overall size, painted on deep frame canvas including the sides   size of glass back pannel is 110 x 90 cm   180 x 70 cm framed in metal frame   50 x 50 cm deep frame canvas   134 x 94 cm   30 x 80 cm deep frame canvas   60 x 60 cm on canvas with a zip detail  
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